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Well not much a little knitting and a bunch of work. I worked on Thanksgiving and was surprisingly busy since they kept saying that it was one of the slowest days of the year. I did 4 massages, and made very good money. Which after talking to some of my other co workers seems I was pretty much the only one.

Also I’ve been working on some knitting. I finished Kiyana’s hatKiyana's Hat

and her mittens. Kiyan'as Gloves

I am half finished with my fingerless mitts. Since we knit outside on knit night I need a something to keep my hands warm, but not mess with my dexterity while knitting.

Fingerless Mitts

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to in the last few days. Hope you all had a great Thankgiving!



Today I received my order of Cashmere, lace weight from Yarn lust. She hand dyes her yarn and this one is in a colorway of blue, green, purple and black. It’s really pretty and so very soft. I think I will have to make a shawl for myself out of it. I’m very excited about that, but I have decided which pattern I’ll be using yet.

Last night I went to the knitting group here on my side of town, and I had a blast.  Everyone was so nice and they made all of us new people feel very welcome.  I took my Sugarplum Shrug to work on, which was probably a mistake. I think I need to tink back one half row, because I got lost a few times in the pattern and I’m not sure I got it correct.

It was kind of chilly outside though as it’s getting to be winter here in the desert. So when I got home I cast on some fingerless mittens, and I plan to have them done before next Wednesday. They’re pretty cute and when I get home tonight I’ll add a picture of them since I don’t have time right now.

Fairy House

Today has been a great relaxing day, we played Scrabble with the kids, taught A how to vacuum.  He did a great job, his vacuum lines were even mostly straight for his first attempt with a adult sized vacuum.  I know that makes me sound…anal (I couldn’t come up with a better word for it…trust me I tried), but I’m not…really.  Okay maybe a little bit. I like things done my way when it comes to cleaning.  Or maybe most of life if I’m being really honest…which it looks like I am.

I need to get some pruning shears for the roses in the back yard and some rose food as well. I don’t know anything about roses, but I guess I’ll learn, because I really love them. I have yellow, red and these pinkish purple ones in the back yard.

The kids are so much fun, I really enjoy hanging out with them. I had forgotten how much I missed being a nanny. They are so great.

Today after we take the kids back to the WWW, we will be wandering over to the rock shop so that I can buy some stones, and then I need a printer.

Anyway Life is good and I’m going to go join them in making their house for the faeries. Which they claim is a fort, but we all know better.

If you love Firefly you have to see this. The band is called The Possible Oscars Which is also where you can buy the song. The song is called CaptianMal You really have to see the video, its awesome.

Alex’s TableOkay so I had these rather horrid tables, which had water stains on them. Previously they had been covered in cloth, so that when the water spilled of course it left these lovely stains.

The boys needed something for their rooms, so I decided to decoupage the tables in comics. Which I had a great time doing. So I decided that if anyone else would like to play with comics, I’d tell you how I did it.

Supplies needed:

Acrylic Spray Art Paint Brushes
Mod Podge-Gloss Luster Paint for legs of table in your color choice
Foam paint brushes Fast Drying Polyurethane
Comics Scissors
Wet & Dry Cloth Tongue Depressors…or Popsicle sticks

First I drove to my local comic store and told them that I needed old comics to cut up. I expected them to be unhappy at the prospect that I would be cutting them up, however the store clerk was extremely happy to point me to the 4/$1 comics boxes at the back of the store.

He thought it was a great idea, so he told me but I could tell that really he was excited about how much his own comics would be going up in value as I happily destroyed some old comics. I spent about 3 hours going through every box until I had all the popular comics. Deadpool, Spawn, DareDevil, Superman, Batman, XMen, Wildcats, Fantistic Four, The Sensation Spiderman, and regular Spiderman,Ghost, Hulk and various others. I had a pile of about 30 books. I then spent a happy evening cutting up comics.

Second I used some acrylic seal in a spray can and sealed the table itself, making sure of course that it was clean before I sealed it. I let this dry which takes about 15 minutes and then took the table in to lay out the patternsI wanted for each table.

While I was laying out the pattern I realized that I couldn’t possibly fill all the little cracks in between which the table showed through. I thought it really made it look like crap, so I decided to place a base down first. I started with the bottom of the table so that when I wrapped the top pages over the edge they would cover the comics on the bottom of the table and the edge of the table making it all very neat.

The comic pages were fairly thin and I didn’t think they would make a good base so I used the covers of the comic books which were a bit more sturdy. I also made sure to wrap the base around the edges of the table so that even the edge was covered. Then I added a layer of Mod Podge over the bottom of the tables and started on the base for the top of the tables.

Here is a close up of the bottoms…this one is Alex’s table

And this one is Kayden’s table…

Next I added a layer of Mod Podge over the base comics on the top of the table to seal the pages, which worked out very nicely. And looks like this…

Then I pulled up the tables and started laying out the pattern. I tried to follow the one of the pictures I’d taken with the first one, but…I quickly got tired of that and just winged it. So here are the two finished tables.

This is Kayen’s Table

And this one is Alex’s Table

So this was my project and I had a blast doing it. If anyone has questions feel free to email me about it.

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