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I just had to share this with everyone. I think it’s a great idea, not only does it help local farms  and get you fresh food, it also has wool and fiber as well as various other things for sell. So check it out and see what you can find under the shop tab at the top of the page. Anyway have fun!

 Local Harvest


Well I went home for Christmas, and had a good time. Unfortunately it was so busy I didn’t have the time to see anyone but family. Sorry that I missed you all. We had a very nice Christmas, even though my soon to be ex-brother-in-law came. He decided to ask my sister for a divorce 6 days before Christmas and then didn’t want her to tell anyone, even though he’d already told his family.

So I decided that it would be best to have mush for dinner, he hates mush very much. He expression was great when he realized that was what we were having for dinner.

Christmas was fun even though he kept wandering around, we even made it to the Wild Purl and I got to spend my christmas money. 🙂 Which made me very happy. I got some needles,  sock yarn, and tip protectors for my needles.

So tonight we built gingerbread houses. We had a blast, and here are a few pictures.


To bad this one is a bit fuzzy it’s one of my favorites. I must have been channeling my favorite Aunt for a moment.


Intently working on their gingerbread house. Don’t they look sweet.


Alex and I posing for the camera.


Alex’s House turned out amazing. He and I had a great time working on it together.


Kayden’s house turned out wonderful as well. Over all the evening was a great success. We had blast and consumed way to much sugar, it was awesome. 🙂

And of course after all that building we need a picture of the sugar rush…


Today was a good day, we went to the employee Christmas party and did a bit of candy shopping for the gingerbread houses. I’ll post pictures once the kids have finished making them.

So I sit down to answer my email today and I had a very funny email.  I asked my friend who shall remain nameless if I could post his email as a blog and then respond here.  So here it is. I’ll respond in black.

So I’ve been trying to write some music…with mixed results…I have lots of ideas, but it’s difficult to develop them into full blown works. But sooner or later it always happens..out of nowhere I’ll get an idea and it just flows.

So It was my birthday yesterday (the 18th) and one of my gifts was a massage from a friend who is a professional masseuse. It was very nice and very interesting and (of course) made me think of you. I have so many questions!
Okay first off Happy Birthday!! Secondly we prefer to be called a Massage Therapist. That’s what is on our license. I know that over in Europe they are called Masseuse…but we live in Amercia and here that word is synonymous with …well if I’m being blunt which of course I am…the most underpaid hooker on the planet.  Let’s be honest here folks, the hookers get paid more for happy endings then a massage therapist charges for a massage. *grins* Which is one of the MANY reasons there are no happy endings on my table.
For example:

Is it weird to give a massage to someone you are on social, friendly terms with? In a way it’s very intimate…and…if it’s someone you don’t know, I imagine you can keep a sense of distance, but if it’s someone you’ve had over for dinner….
Personally I have no problems working on my friends.  I can see how it could be construed as something intimate, however its not…unless you make it so.  Things only having meaning if you give them meaning. For example, if your best friend gives you a bookmark of Tinkerbell, then it could be special because she remembered that Tinkerbell is your favorite. Or if Belle is your favorite then it could mean little more to you then your friend knows you like to read books.  See what I mean here. If you give something meaning it has it, if you don’t then it doesn’t. It’s all in your intentions and perceptions.

Although I’m basically a good, moral person with a decent set of boundaries about what is and isn’t permissible in the context of my marriage…I couldn’t help but be aware that I was alone in my house (She brought her table here) and naked with a really attractive woman. I mean…it’s not like there was ever a chance of anything sexual happening….but…there was this weird feeling..all inside my own head… this sexual? I mean, I wasn’t ever turned on…but I kept thinking about it. Then I kept everybody thinking this? 
Is everyone thinking this…well…hmmm. I would say that no not everyone is thinking it, but you are not by any means alone in your thoughts.  My boyfriend says most guys are thinking it.

I have to assume that any sane man is thinking things along these lines…but then I was like…does this somehow effect the experience? Like..the other massages I’ve had were from this 50ish completely sex-less lesbian…the idea of any kind of sexual thought was a million miles away… that better? I mean…was my preoccupation with this attractive masseuse distracting me from the actual massage?
I would say yes, however, only because you were allowing yourself to be distracted when in the past because you were not attracted to your therapist it never came up…so to speak. *Smirks*

Or…is it supposed to be that way? Can part of the pleasure of a massage the fact that a beautiful woman is touching you? (and without the guilt of doing anything inappropriate.) Should I have allowed myself to just give in to the sheer sensual (and borderline sexual) pleasure?
Well are the tips going to be better or worse because you allowed yourself to enjoy the “sensual pleasure”?  Honestly as long as you don’t announce to your therapist that she could blow you and you wouldn’t mind then it’s a harmless fantasy in your mind and there is no reason not to indulge in those. However, if one feels the need to express just how down and dirty you like it then the boundaries have clearly been crossed.
Personally there is for me a huge difference in getting a massage from a man or a woman. I am not interested in women in the least. You’d be more likely to discover an oasis in the bottom of Death Valley then for me to ever have a sexual thought about a woman therapist.  They just don’t do it for me, they’re all soft and squishy in all the wrong places.  Which is from what I hear exactly what you guys like about women. It’s your thing you rock out with it.
Having said that getting a massage from a man, can be just as you said a silent secret pleasure or it can be nothing but a massage. Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with that as long as you are not making your therapist uncomfortable. For example excessive moaning and touching yourself.  That’s just Ewwie. Come on now.

But then what if I actually got hard? Does that happen often to you? Is it upsetting or off-putting? And what if it was a friend? Would that always be this “thing” between you?
Has that ever happened…oh yeah.   It’s a normal reaction depending on when it happens. If the Therapist is working on your quads, and inner thighs (get your mind out of the gutter I mean the tailors muscle which allows you to cross your legs when you sit. If you’re a runner this muscle needs work sometimes) then it is a normal reaction. As long as the guy doesn’t do anything but lie there. The minute he makes any reference, or moves his hand near his hard on, that’s crossing the line.  Some Therapist will leave the massage right then.

Then there’s my own self conscious insecurity. Did she see my body and think “Good lord…how grotesque!”? I’m literally twice this woman’s age…and..I don’t know..I mean, I don’t really FEEL any different than I did when I was 18, but, to a 23 year old woman, I may seem like a fat, balding, middle aged man. (At least…having read one of your blogs…I made sure to shower shortly before she got here!) But do you ever feel like that? Are you that much of a professional that you can see every client (customer? patient?) as nothing more than a collection of limbs and muscles? Do you have reactions like that? I mean..if Brad Pitt came to you for a massage, would it be like…”Oh Boy!” as opposed to, oh, say..Danny Devito?
Bodies are all the same and for the most part, I’ve seen enough to know that the client doesn’t  have something new and horrifying to show me, though on occasion it may happen.  I’m glad you remembered that showering is important.  As for Brad Pitt on my table…it wouldn’t matter to me, unless he doesn’t tip well. I’ve worked on just as many beautiful people as  I have regular people.
And then of course there’s the obvious…do you ever think….”I could just reach right here and really make this guy’s day!”?
*ROFLMAO* No, hell no.  I’m not getting paid enough to even consider that and even if I was I wouldn’t. If they want a happy ending they should just go find a hooker and not insult me.

So here’s a question/thought that I’d be curious to get your reaction to…

You get these guys who are like..hey babe..check THIS out! And have no sense of how obnoxious it is,,,but then there’s me, who is like going through this inner turmoil trying to avoid even thinking of anything that might be construed as inappropriate and worrying about the larger consequences, etc.. Sometimes I think maybe the less self conscious way is better. Maybe not in this context, but as a way of approaching life. What do you think?
Honestly I’m not sure what the question is.  I think the point of getting a massage is to help de-stress and detoxify. It’s not about the pleasure that’s just a side benefit, so look as it as the side benefit and then ignore it if it makes you feel all squirely.

A guy I knew once told me about a friend of his that got more women into bed than anyone he had ever met. He’d ask anybody he found attractive if they’d sleep with him…maybe like ten women a day. Most of course would dismiss him or slap him in the face, but if one in fifty said yes…
Well thats just like a friend of mine that used to walk into a bar and say, “Which woman here has the lowest self esteem  I’m going home with her tonight.”  Really that’s rather pathetic in my opinion, not only does it show no respect for women, it also shows no respect for themselves either, because it’s saying I’m not good enough for someone wonderful to notice me.

Anyway….man…after all the tension of that massage..I need to find some way to relax!
Good luck! 😉
Have a fantastic Christmas! and we will stay in touch.
You have a great Christmas also and I’m sure we will stay in touch.
As ever,

I am done! I got both of the backpacks done.  I am ecstatic that I am finished.  So here is what it looks like.

 Alex’s Dragon

I just got this photo of my Niece playing in the leaves. So I had to share it with everyone.

Kiyana Leaves

I finished the first backpack and now I need to start on the other one to get it done before Christmas

Finished DrakeFinished Drake InsideFinished Drake Back

So now I need to go and get back to work. Catch ya’ll later!

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