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So there are the beautiful mittens that I wanted to make. I don’t know why I find them soo enthralling…possibly because they are blue and you know how much I love blue. I want to make them. I’ve been thinking about making them for the last few weeks. Every time I hop onto Ravelry they stare at me from the front page and beg me to make them. To which I look at them longingly and think…in a few weeks when I finish what I’m working on I’ll make them.

I’ve been deathly ill for the last few days, so I haven’t worked on my knitting at all. Plus my shawl which as it row 68…may be to be frogged back 4-8 rows…*cries* I know it’s horrible. I haven’t been able to bring myself to figure out how I’m going to fix it. It must be fixed of course there is no other option I’m just not sure how. You can’t really see the mistake in this picture…but where there should be a large hole, there isn’t. I accidentally picked up a piece of the shawl connecting the top and bottom of the hole. So I have 2 small holes instead of one big hole. Which I had planned to ignore. Mainly because I didn’t find the mistake until after knitting 5 rows and realizing I was off 1 stitch. Which didn’t seem like a big deal until the pattern wasn’t quiet working right. GRRR!!!


Anyway back to the mittens…I got side tracked some how. So I’m ill and thinking that working on my shawl right now is not the best plan. But I’m also not coherent enough to actually work on anything else either. Because I have a lovely pair of socks coming along nicely…

But once again I’ve gotten off on a tangent. See what happens when I’m sick. Incoherent rambling. Anyway the mittens were beautiful, they look like this.

magmittens.jpg magmittens2.jpg

And I want to make them! So I set out to find the pattern thinking that I could at least do that while I was sick. Alas…it was not to be the book they are from is currently out of print. Which means the two copies for sale are going for over 175.00 a piece. *cries, sniffles and goes to drown herself in the bath hoping that will make her feel better that her mitten are currently unattainable.* While I’m sick, my fever is currently not high enough to justify spending that much on a book so I can make mittens. Even if it’s not a collectors piece and there are only 2 for sale in the entire united states!!!! *pouts that she’s not sick enough to get away with that just now.*


Since I couldn’t sleep tonight and I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days I decided to post up pictures of Kayden’s Birthday party.

We had a great time opening presents and then we went out for pizza and some roller skating. Unfortunately the camera was forgotten at home, so I don’t have photographic proof that Craig managed to lock himself to the locker. I can still see him standing practically flush with the lockers, slightly twisted towards me saying…”Do you have a quarter in there?!” Ahh classic to bad there was no camera in sight.

So on to pictures I do have…

BirthdayCake Smiles ak2.jpg allmine.jpg check.jpg

counting.jpg daddy.jpg whatsthat.jpg what.jpg

Kayden did very well at skating he was able to go with the crowd by the middle of the time we were there. Alex was mostly frustrated that he wasn’t keeping up with his brother. He did well, he was just very hesitant and preferred to hang out near the wall instead of in the middle of a crowd of hormonal teenagers bent on running over whatever unsuspecting person happened to be in there way while they played tag with their boyfriend.

When the kids got home yesterday Alex was asking me questions about some hurtful things his mother had said to him, because he was excited about knitting. I told him why she would say that and we moved on to a different subject. But after that Alex wasn’t really interested in knitting any more. Kayden didn’t feel the same though here he is knitting his little heart out at 7am…thats right in the morning he got up and picked up his knitting.



Later in the evening as I was talking about going to knit night, and showing off my knitting to Loren, along with Kayden’s. He showed her how well he was knitting and Craig asked him if he’d like to go to knit night with me. He excitedly agreed and we went off to knit night where we had a great time sipping hot cocoa and knitting. I am working on a pair of new Red Hat socks.


The girls were very welcoming and excited to have him join the group and we all had a great time. They asked him if he’d be coming back next week and he said he’d be coming.

On the car ride home I told him he was welcome to come any time he wanted to, and he assured me he’d be coming every week, that he had a great time.


Later I had a talk with Alex about why he didn’t want to knit anymore, after the talk he was much happier and excited about knitting. I apologized to him that his mom was saying hurtful things to him because she was angry at me and since she wasn’t able to talk to me she was taking it out on him.

So the kids have been enjoying their knitting, no matter how hard the wicked witch has been trying to make them stop. It really irritates me that she’d say hurtful things to them just to get them to stop doing something I have taught them. Which was something I couldn’t let pass, for the most part I’ve let Craig deal with whatever the wicked witch has been saying to them. After our discussion Alex was much more happy about knitting and making plans to knit the next day.

Kayden started a chart for how far along his washcloth is coming and he’s excited about finishing his project so he can earn the finished project prize. Which he’s decided will be a trip to mini golf.

He’s worked really hard on this and he’s done an amazing job.

Kayden’s 1st Wash Cloth

Posted on: January 4, 2008

Today the kids asked if I could teach them to knit. So we went to the store and they picked out some cotton yarn and needles. And then I taught them to cast on and we started knitting some wash cloths. Which they manged to knit 1 row of before they needed a break. But here are the photos.


Alex was having a bit of a hard time here, but he quickly got it.


alex2.jpg     kayden.jpg


This is Alex and Kayden’s first row of knitting.

So there you go, we had a great day and they are enjoying the knitting.


While I was with my family I finished a pair of “Christmas socks” they are only called this because I started them the day before Christmas eve and finished them at 12:01 am Christmas day.

Christmas Socks

 I had a bit of yarn left over and decided that since this yarn is merino, bamboo and silk and so soft and yummy to work with that I obviously needed some fingerless mitts as well to match my yummy beautiful socks.

Fingerless Mitts

Currently I am working on the Pretty as a Peacock shawl. Which is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately I haven’t quiet been able to get past row 20 without having to frog this shawl. Which I’ve now done…*counts on her fingers* 6 times.

Pretty as a Peacock

This yarn is from Blue Moon Fiber Art so it is hand dyed and hand painted. It’s dyed with three shades of blue and then saturated in black, so that it changed color in the light. Like a Ravens feather.  The color way is Haida. I love the yarn very much I’m just  a bit frustrated that I keep having to start over.

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