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So there are the beautiful mittens that I wanted to make. I don’t know why I find them soo enthralling…possibly because they are blue and you know how much I love blue. I want to make them. I’ve been thinking about making them for the last few weeks. Every time I hop onto Ravelry they stare at me from the front page and beg me to make them. To which I look at them longingly and think…in a few weeks when I finish what I’m working on I’ll make them.

I’ve been deathly ill for the last few days, so I haven’t worked on my knitting at all. Plus my shawl which as it row 68…may be to be frogged back 4-8 rows…*cries* I know it’s horrible. I haven’t been able to bring myself to figure out how I’m going to fix it. It must be fixed of course there is no other option I’m just not sure how. You can’t really see the mistake in this picture…but where there should be a large hole, there isn’t. I accidentally picked up a piece of the shawl connecting the top and bottom of the hole. So I have 2 small holes instead of one big hole. Which I had planned to ignore. Mainly because I didn’t find the mistake until after knitting 5 rows and realizing I was off 1 stitch. Which didn’t seem like a big deal until the pattern wasn’t quiet working right. GRRR!!!


Anyway back to the mittens…I got side tracked some how. So I’m ill and thinking that working on my shawl right now is not the best plan. But I’m also not coherent enough to actually work on anything else either. Because I have a lovely pair of socks coming along nicely…

But once again I’ve gotten off on a tangent. See what happens when I’m sick. Incoherent rambling. Anyway the mittens were beautiful, they look like this.

magmittens.jpg magmittens2.jpg

And I want to make them! So I set out to find the pattern thinking that I could at least do that while I was sick. Alas…it was not to be the book they are from is currently out of print. Which means the two copies for sale are going for over 175.00 a piece. *cries, sniffles and goes to drown herself in the bath hoping that will make her feel better that her mitten are currently unattainable.* While I’m sick, my fever is currently not high enough to justify spending that much on a book so I can make mittens. Even if it’s not a collectors piece and there are only 2 for sale in the entire united states!!!! *pouts that she’s not sick enough to get away with that just now.*


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