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Yesterday I started working on the Lost boys, curtains and stuff…it really was just supposed to be curtains. I’m not sure how it morphed into pillows blankets and pillowcases as well. I’m almost done. I finished all the curtains. I just have to get some backing for Kayden’s blanket and some binding for both of them, as well as pillow stuffing stuff. I ran out after 3 pillows.

Kayden wanted to help so I showed him how the sewing machine worked and he helped me sew up part of Alex’s blanket.

 kaydenlearning.jpg   kaydenlearning2.jpg

Then Craig helped Alex pump up his football and they went out to play a game of catch for a bit.  I will probably finish the sewing in the next week or so and then I’ll put up pictures of the boys rooms with all of it up and done.  But until then here are some pictures of Craig and the kids.

 ballpumping.jpg   kaydentormentingcraig.jpg


So I have been working very hard on my Clapotis Shawl which you can find at www.  I went over to Knit Las Vegas and hung out there today, I got a beautiful pig bank, so here is a photo of them both together.


I am really happy with how this Clapotis is coming along.  I hope to be finished with it in the next few weeks.  Hopefully before the weather get to warm, but with the way it’s been happening lately I don’t think that will be to much of a problem.


So I’ve been obsessed with making row counting bracelets lately.  I made 13 the other day, and they turned out very beautifully. I really enjoyed making them and I took them down to Knit Las Vegas and sold them. So here they are are.


It’s been to long since I’ve blogged, but I wasn’t feeling well. First I was sick then I was drugged up from my dentist visit. The weather here is slowly getting warmer, not that some people would agree with me.


I’ve been working very hard on a Clapotis stole, but I can’t show it to you because it’s a gift and they read my blog. So once it is gifted, and that’s not going to be soon. I’m starting early on the birthday presents and such. I’ll post a picture then.

The Lost boys have been doing well. I feel like Wendy a lot, wandering around trying to figure out if I should be dealing with that or let Peter deal with it.  Since my tendencies run more toward TinkerBell’s style of dealing with things…*shrugs* Now I’m going to have to watch Peter Pan again, and get some names for the boys. lol

K has been doing very well with his knitting…he’s almost half way done.

I got beautiful yarn….here are pictures because I KNOW you all want to see them. 🙂


circus-lornaslaces.jpg beachballblue-sugarncream.jpg blue-noro-silkgarden.jpg blue-tofutsies.jpg

No I do not have a problem with buying yarn…really.

There was a new yarn shop opening up in town and I had to support her. We want her to last because the other shop is the worst shop I have ever been and in and I will never go back there. The new shop is called Knit Las Vegas She doesn’t have any yarn up on her website yet but I’m sure it will be happening soon.

And last but not least, random pictures of The Lost Boys.

morningkayden.jpg alexsunderpants.jpg

For some reason he fact that A wears his pants normally and his underpants up to mid chest cracks me up.



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