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So I went off on Sunday to the cold, cold, dark land of Montana…better known as that Crack whore ex-girlfriend.  You know the one that when you see her you think Ohhh she’s hot.  Then she comes up and starts talking to you and you remember how she sold all your stuff for Crack.  Montana is like that, on first blush it seems so beautiful, but the second you step off the plane and into the freezing weather…you remember that it’s really the most frozen god forsaken place on the planet.

Anyway I managed to survive the trip from the airport to the house to find that as usual Dad doesn’t believe in heat…*cries* I had checked the weather channel before I packed…it said it was going to be nice.  They lied!!! It snowed the day before I got there and then was grey and cloudy the entire time.

I put my family to work anyway, and we all had a great time playing around dyeing yarn.  Here are some photos of the yarn dyeing process.

Family Working   Work Minions Work!!   kiyhappypainting.jpg   Rinsing Yarn

Hanging Yarn   memom.jpg   Beautiful Neena   Gram, Kiyana & Me

Kiyana was playing around and telling me I wouldn’t put the grumpy photos on my blog so of course here they are.

Playful   Pretending   Mom & Kiyana   kiyana.jpg

Kiyana likes to wipe my kisses off, so I had to fix that… Wipe Those kisses off

Drying Yarn All in all it was a good weekend, with a few annoyances thrown in because you’re not at home unless you’re annoyed.


This week we had a lot of fun with the boys while they were off from school. They spent a little time practicing their Kung Fu. Both of the Lost Boys are now enrolled in classes. And Craig is considering enrolling himself in another month or so I think. He practices with them as well sometimes. I manged to sneak a few photos of him practing with them, however a lot of the photos were vetoed. So…sorry no funny pictures of Craig in this post.

p1030248.jpg p1030232.jpg p1030230.jpg p1030245.jpg

Okay I lied…but who can resist duck walking pictures. Not me.

And my very favorite of all the Kung Fu practice are these next pictures… I’ll show you the picture and then tell you what I hear in my head when I see them doing this.

p1030240.jpg p1030241.jpg p1030239.jpg

I can’t help but hear them whispering together…okay now we’re only hostages until we can get on our feet. Then we’ll Kung Fu their butts.

After they were done practicing they decided to play a bit of catch and I got some great action photos.

p1030199.jpg p1030218.jpg p1030217.jpg p1030221.jpg

Then they decided to do a bit of target practice….

p1030252.jpg p1030251.jpg p1030257.jpg p1030253.jpg

Today Kayden finished his washcloth. Which he did a very good job on and I’ll put up photos after he wakes up in the morning, as I forgot to take them before I started blogging and he’s sleeping now. Since he finished his project he and I went on our “Kayden finished his project” treat.

He picked out going to King Tut’s and playing mini golf. Which of course means that I forgot the camera. *hangs her head in shame* So there will be no photos of that. Which is really sad because we went for cupcakes also and I could have had some great frosting on his face pictures. Oh well. We also went over to Knit Las Vegas and hung out with the girls there. Kayden impressed them all with how well he was doing and he got his picture taken by Christine, who owns the shop. I’ll have to see if I can get a copy of that.

Then we came home had a wonderful Dinner, and then we let them open their Easter box from Grandma and Grandpa early. So here are the pictures of the Ravening Lost Boys…I swear they just ate dinner.

The challenge is presented.



Kayden suggested using his knitting needle to open the tape. But Alex said, “No! We have the strength of our fingers to open in!”And then this ensued.

clawharder.jpg strenghtoffingers.jpg whywontthisopen.jpg ripit.jpg

In the end they finally manged to get it open when we used the knitting needle to open the box, after I realized there were packing peanuts inside and I didn’t want them all over the floor. Though they were close to changing into a small pack of ravening hyenas.

Then they played a bit…cuz you know you can resits.


So that was our week of Spring break. 🙂

So I finished the second sock today and I am thrilled with the way they turned out. I absolutely adore them.  I am never taking them off…okay that’s a lie since I can’t stand to wear socks to bed and even the thought  of it makes me a bit…crazy.  Still I love them madly.

Of course I couldn’t finish a pair of socks without making a mini one to commemorate the Loksins. So here are more sock pictures I know you are all just dying to see. 😉

finsihed.jpg Bluebell   finished2.jpg

Come on how can they not be more perfect. I love them.

 The Lost Boys came back from the beach with reports of Boogie boards, ice cream and owing the Wicked Witch money for wanting boogie boards. What kind of parent makes their kids pay for their own entertainment on vacation?  Moving on…because I could rant on this topic for eternity.

Look more birds…we now have doves. And pretty red birds.

dovechick.jpg   redchick.jpgdove3.jpg

And because it seems that no entry is really complete without pictures of the boys…here are a few from dinner tonight.  Alex was half conked out because Wicked Witch dosed him with medicine for a rash he picked up while he was with her.

craigalex.jpg   craigthelostboys.jpg

So I finished the first Loksins sock, and am half way finished with the second one. I love this pattern! I think this will be my favorite pair of socks. Once you stop trying to understand the pattern and just do what they say it flys by. That seems to be one of my down falls in the knitting. Instead of just trusting that the designer knew what they were doing I try to analyze what it is they want me to do. Which of course means that I can come up with about 10 different ways to do what they are asking…and all of them are wrong. *sigh* So I am working on just doing what is says and not analyzing what they may want. So far that theory has gotten me farther down the correct path then any other.

I am being incredibly lazy with Craig today and writing this in bed while he reads next to me, so I don’t have any photos to up load of the socks at this second. I’ll do that later in the morning.

loksins1.jpg   loksinscloseup.jpg

The Wicked Witch took the kids to the beach for their spring break with her, and from what I’ve heard the lost boys are having a good time. I’m glad that they will have some good memories with their mother, as this last year has been very trying for them with her temper tantrums and other outbursts which she is quiet fine with letting them see.

I really do think there should be a mandatory parenting class that one must actually pass with high scores. I suppose though in reality to many people would be worried about their “god given rights” to have children then the fact that they may be unprepared to do a descent job, let alone a good one. It tends to be that way, the people that can’t do a good job are the ones that scream the loudest in denial at anything that will keep the children safer. I really do think though that when someone has completely proven their inability to be a parent…(I’m talking about ratboy here) then they shouldn’t be allowed to have the ability to procreate anymore. I mean really isn’t 7 kids (I’m not sure of the number but I think there are at the very least 4 or 5) enough when you don’t pay child support for any of them? What should the limit be? I really do think there should be a limit.

And I realize that the statement could have meant that one of the brightest boys ever would not have been born, which would have been a tragedy. Its one of those double standard statements I guess. I know the kiddo has a wonderful life with his amazingly wonderful mother. As well I know she would never give him up or regret him for a second. Unfortunately not all single mothers are as amazing as my wife, I guess what it ultimately comes down to is that I hate seeing children suffer for the incompetence of their parents and it seems there is no simple answer to the problem. Even though I wish there were. While I say it should be a privilege to have kids not a right, the reality of the situation is that such a thing would rob the world of a lot of wonderful bright people.

Ones circumstances along with what one lives through is what makes a person who they are. I honestly don’t think that just making sure people are going to be good parents would stop any of the horrible things that could happen to a child. It obviously won’t stop the child molesters. But then my stance on that is kill them all very horribly and as painfully as possible. With no discussion or mercy. They deserve none, and I honestly don’t care what their rights are. That is a bunch of bullshit they hide behind to be able to continue on with their cruelty as well as their life shattering desires.

Anyway I’m not sure how to I got from socks to this…or why I felt the need to rant about it this morning…but I promise happy pictures of socks and cheerful birds in just a bit.

What’s over there?   Chickadee   Watching with a friend.

We also put up a bird feeder as the Lost Boys and I thought it would be fun to watch the birds. Which it is, I saw one canary but alas it was of course the one time that I didn’t have the camera. I now have tons of pictures of little birds, I think they are chickadees but I could be mistaken. They could be sparrows for all I know.

Don’t make me come over there.   Flock   Comfy

The pigeons come and scavenge off the ground around the bird feeder which is okay. We have it set up so they can’t get to the feeder itself. After all pigeons are a lot like Nascar fans…Large, unwashed and always looking for a free buffet. The first day that the feeder was out there the birds just looked at it. The second day they did fly bys and on the 3rd day they actually stopped for a few quick bites, but any movement from the house sent them off. Now they are pigging out with pleasure and completely ignoring any movement from the house (as long as you don’t go to near the glass doors) as well as the flash of the camera.

   Foooood!!!   Demonic Pigeon    Give me food!

Well that’s all for now…I’ll upload those photos soon. And add a few of the Lost Boys, because I know you want more pictures.

Alex & his Planes   Kayden’s Kung Fu outfit.

So I will be going home March 23 -26th, working on a project and my mom is going to do a dry run through with me.  Today was a very emotionally draining work day, for many reasons none of which I feel like going into.

To avoid said conflicts I knit..a lot.  I cast this on this morning at 830am…and just finished turning the heel at 4:45opm Kayden was sweet enough to model them for me, but did ask in a covetous voice if they were for him.  Which if course they are not…but it was such a cute voice the next pair will have to be.  Anyway here is the new project.

 loksins.jpg   closeuploksins.jpg

I will do something a tad less lacy for him, when it’s time. Probably for christmas…though if I wait that long they may not fit…guess we’ll just have to see.

This weekend I was fairly productive knitting wise anyway. So here is what I made…


 A pretty headband, in which I absolutely love the way that the colors worked out. I tried three different patterns before I found something that I like with the way the color was pooling. I think it turned out beautiful.

 meclapotisii.jpg    closeup.jpg

I also finished my Clapotis! Which I LOVE…it’s soft its warm and cuddly ahhh silk. What more could you want!


Then I decided to finish my RedHat socks in preparation  for Sock Wars III! Which I’m really excited about I can’t wait until May when I can start murdering other knitters!! If you want to find out more about that feel free to follow the link they are still taking entries. Plus this year its sponsors by Tofuties….so the prizes should be great.  Maybe I’ll cast on my Tofuties yarn tomorrow.

 Last but not least I had to make a few mini socks as well. Because lets be honest who could resist making miniature socks 🙂


So there was my productive knitting weekend…in which I even managed to squeeze in a bit of cleaning and I actually COOKED.  It wasn’t anything spectacular, but hey at least you know I didn’t spend my entire 3 day weekend sitting in that chair knitting…no really i swear it wasn’t the whole weekend. Just most of it. 😉

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