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I finished the tags for my yarn, I’m not completely happy with them because I couldn’t find any pictures I wanted to use as a logo. That is okay though because I just decided I could add that after I find what I want instead of waiting for the perfect one to come along.

I also finished the next set of row counting bracelets. I think they turned out beautifully.

Beautiful Row Counters V. 2

The Lost boys have been doing pretty well, you know considering the deprogramming we have to do when we get them back from the Wicked Witch. I was thinking last night about how if she had any…ability to do anything well she’d be a lot like Saffron from Firefly…You know “I hate to break into your CRAZY TIME!” Her newest brilliant idea is that the kids obviously need growth hormones because she feels they are to short and its damaging their psyche. Never mind the fact that she’s the one feeding them the information they should feel badly about their height. I’m not sure what kind of monster growing children she expected to have…you know considering that she is maybe 5’3 and Craig is about 5’5 so……yeah you do the math. Okay moving on.

In the happy news…I taught Craig to knit. Okay I tricked Craig into wanting to knit. I dyed him some yarn I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist and the told him it was for sale. He asked if he could learn to knit a scarf and I gave him the yarn. I even have proof!

Craig learning to Knit Craigs 1st Row

As for other stuff that’s been going on…Oh yeah I finished a sock! Let me go take a picture of it. I really love how it turned out, and yes this is some of the yarn that we dyed. Though technically this yarn was dyed by my sister.

1st Cable Cuff sock finsihedClose up of the braid

I have also started a scarf for Breast Cancer Research. Which is going along pretty well. Though I’m not to sure I like the pattern and I probably won’t knit it again. Really I just wanted to work with the yarn which is Soysilk and Alpaca, so it’s really really soft. And because it’s for charity I will be able to write it off.

Cancer ScarfClose up

I have been working on the layout for the Stranger’s website but it’s kind of at the idea stage until I get the software to do the implementation stage. And that’s about everything that’s been going on lately.


Today was a beautiful day, I think it got up into the high 70’s or so. Craig and I have been wanting a gazebo and bbq, so today we went to Big Lots, where they were having a screaming deal and bought them both. Then we spent the afternoon putting it all together. We had a great time and of course I took a few photos. The glass bulb in my plants are filled with water. They automatically water the plants when the soil get dry. So far they are working wonderfully.

Framework CanopyCraig Finished Gazebo

Then Craig put together the BBQ!

Craig and the BBQ Me helping put up the Gazebo My Roses Craig cooking yummy Chicken

And of course then Craig made dinner…because he rocks like that. He made this amazing chicken and we had corn on the cob perfectly done. I LOVE corn on the cob.

And then I relaxed and the lost boys played…

Me Relaxing Building Boats Alex peeking boat rides

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