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So we’re having dinner, and it’s something new. When I lived in Montana there was this place called Rocket Burrito that served…well burritos. They had a whole bunch of different kinds. All of which I hear are pretty good but my favorite one was called the Hey pork chop!

Which has pork chop, pineapple chunks, rice, sour cream, bbq sauce, cheese all lovingly wrapped in a tortilla. I know it doesn’t sound good…but it is. I told Craig I was craving one and he looked at me oddly and then said…okay we can have that.

Admittedly I usually held the pork chop and bbq sauce and added chicken instead. However Craig makes very good pork chops so I decided to try it the way they always have made it on the menu.  It was sooo yummy.  Craig even agreed that he liked it.

The whole time Alex kept complaining that it did not taste right and that he didn’t like it. Which of course is what they both say anytime we make them try something new.  So Kayden had finished his and went out to play while he watched Craig change the oil.

A few minutes later I hear Alex say…”I’m done.” Without pausing I hear…”oh ohh! Oh no!” And then that unmistakable sound of retching.  As I whip around to see (even though I’d really rather have miss the whole event) he’s thoughtfully projectile vomiting all over the table.  Well most of it is over the table, he changed aim when he realized the carpet was not a good idea.

So I went and got Craig…while Alex hurried to the bathroom during the pause to finish there.  I can still hear the alarm in his voice as he said “oh oohhh”

A few minutes later after much dry heaving on Alex’s part he says in a very pathetic voice, “Kyrie it came out my nose.”  To which I tried not to laugh and was I hope somewhat consoling.

About five minutes later he says…”Kyrie, am I going to have to eat that again?”  I did laugh then, as I told him it was highly unlikely.


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