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So on monday I went to the doctor and she says I’m 10weeks, which is good almost out of that first dangerous period.  She scheduled an ultrasound for the 9th and I am trying not to worry about that because they usually don’t schedule that until week 20. I did tell her that I’ve had Ovarian cysts since I was about 12, and that is when she decided to schedule the ultra sound. I am hoping that its nothing and trying not to worry about.  My due date is March 27th 2009.

Knitting wise I have gotten absolutely nothing done. I am so tired all the time I pretty much workand sleep. On my days off I try to do at least two or three chores and then I don’t feel quite as uselessly unproductive.

The lost boys still don’t know and we’re going to wait as long as we can before we tell them, as we don’t want things getting back to the wicked witch just yet.

Though recently they did pass their belt test and are now yellow belts in their Kung Fu classes. They were both really excited about moving up and they both got to break boards as part of the test. At which point they thought they were extremely strong until Kayden tried to break it with his head. Which I must say was very funny especially the expression of suprised pain on his face when it didn’t break AND it hurt. So that’s the news this far and I’ll keep things more updated here to keep everyone in the loop. 🙂


Demetri met a nice ewe named Juliette and fell head over hoof for her, but who could blame him. She was beaewetiful! The beach was so lovely and they had a wonderful day.

They had wonderful dinners and spent all night…talking.

All was right and wonderful in their world. They had such a great time that Demetri insisted she move in with us.  Which of course the Lost Boys were very excited about. The next thing they knew there was a bundle of joy being expected…however they didn’t quiet expect three to show up.

Juliette and Demetri looked on nervously as they sheepkins took their first wobbly steps down stairs to play with everyone.   Jayden was the most adventrous of the sheepkins and quickly hopped is way down the stairs, while his brother Zander followed behind, with Josephine following behind her brothers.

Later Demetri took the family out to meet Speedy and Marcus they all had a great chat and then settled down to take a family photo, since Marcus and Speedy live in the backyard they are after all family of a sorts.

Oh and by the way then there was this too…

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