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Today we took a walk down to the corner store and the kids were having issues with why you shouldn’t play in the street. So I had them write senteces about what could happen if you play in the streets. Our street is a side street but it’s only one block or so down from the a very busy main road so a lot of people use it as  a quicker way to get where they are going and they are always speeding. It’s pretty dangerous but I wanted to share some of their sentences because they were extremely funny.

Kayden –

You can get hit in the head with a rock.

You can get knocked out.

A horse could run you down. (I have no idea where he got that one but I think it’s my favorite considering I don’t even know when he last saw a horse.)

Alex –

You could trip and get lots of chemicals on your body.

You could land face first on the black top.

You could get stolen and crack your head open.

Anyway it made me smile and I thought I’d share it with you all.


So Halloween has come and gone and the kids had a great time. They went trick or treating and came back with a huge haul which they promptly took back to their mother’s with the warning that if it came back here I’d eat it all.  Which of course means she gets to deal with the hyped up kids and the ant infestation…I win!

They spent the morning carving pumpkins in the living room and then we baked the pumpkin seeds…about 2 minutes to long…as they were all burnt. *sigh* Oh well I probably didn’t need the pumpkin seeds anyway. Alex didn’t quiet understand the whole concept of carving a pumpkin so he drew impossible things on his pumpkin and then looked at it in confusion when he tried to carve it.


Alex dressed up as the Grim Reaper, he was really excited about the costume because it came with the spear. Which he spent most of the morning idly stabbing into the air as he fought scary monsters in the backyard. But hey isn’t that a great Kung Fu stance.


Kayden wanted to go as a Ninja for the 5th year in a row but Craig suggested that if he couldn’t pick something else he could go as Elmo. In which case Kayden decided on a Devil but when they got there, the store did not have a good selection of Devil costumes so he settled on Desparado. Mainly because it came with a gun that shoots bullets AND an eye patch how can you go wrong with that.


Alex decided that he was going to hold up Kayden for his candy…but as you can see Kayden doesn’t even look slightly imtimdated.


After they went out and held up the neighborhood for candy they came home and set up the garage to hand out candy as well.


This is what it looked like without the flash.


I got some great pictures of Kiyana and Trina from my mom. Of her baking some halloween cookies.


They all look so cute as the white tiget family.


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