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So I’ve been really busy trying to keep up with everything lately and since I got a new computer which didn’t have a photo editing program I let the blogging slide a bit. Now I have currently finished 2 pairs of socks and 3 Murlocs. I have one more to go before I am done and then I will be done with Murlocs for some time I think.

The lost boys are doing well. Alex has managed to get a score of 98 for the Gate program. Which he was very excited about until he realized that meant more classes and homework. *insert evil laughter here*

The lost boys are still filling in the very large and deep grave they dug to china three weeks ago. Currently they almost have some of their toys back, and have been allowed to do more then just stare at a wall for the last week. Which has been nice for everyone. We are hoping they can go a whole week without trying to open the grave back up. Our fingers are crossed and I think since the microwave has given up the ghost and the clock no longer changes minutes that they have fully decided that watching the clock is not as fun as it used to be. I could be wrong about that…lets hope not.

I have been editing the Strangers RPG game, while will be released June 1st and am very very excited about that. As well I am planning on attending Gen Con in Aug to watch the game be debuted.

Oh I got my Kindle today and I absolutely LOVE it. I love it more then…hmm well less then Craig and more then WoW…I think. Yeah yeah I’m almost sure that’s the right amount. I need to knit it a case so that it doesn’t get scratched up.

Okay that’s all I’ve got for now I still haven’t quiet learned my new photo editing software and I really don’t have the patience for it tonight. So here is the post with out pictures. 🙂


So yesterday E and I went to J’s house in Pahrump,  to watch the second season of Carnivale which if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend. The plot is enthrallingly engaging even if the pace is a bit slow and drawn out.  Some of you should know where this is going already.

We spent 4 hours watching Carnivale and knitting on the new sock pattern I have been designing I have not decided how I am going to do the cuff just yet.  Here is a taste of the Fleckless Sock.


Oh yeah I also made a weighted sock bag last night because I didn’t want to wait for the ones on line to ship. It turned out pretty awesome for the prototype. I will be giving it to Kayden and changing a few things on the next one I make.


J asked if we would like to take a tour of Pahrump.  Which is by the way ia way smaller then Laurel and has no side walks….at all except down town and only a block or so long.

Anyway on the way in to J’s house I saw a yarn shop *insert angelic singing here* so I was very excited to go check it out. We arrived at 3:55 and the shop closed at 4pm. The shop is basicly two trailer houses placed side by side. One side has fabric and notions along with a room for classes and then other side has the yarn….*sigh* unfortunately they only carried one brand of yarn…Red Heart. For those of you who don’t know Red Heart is seriously the crappiest of all crappy acrylic yarn.

However it was five minutes to close, and was very obvious that this shop needed all the economic stimulation it could get. So I bought some crappy Red Heart yarn…

Crappy Red Heart Yarn

Crappy Red Heart Yarn

I am hoping that it will make a cute baby hoodie like the last yarn I bought to help a local shop out.  Some how I don’t think it will stripe like the last one did.


After the yarn shop J asked if we would like to drive by the local brothals. I’ll admit I was curious while E was…less then curious but at least willing to let us drive by them. So we wandered on down to whatever street the Chicken House and Sheri’s Ranch are on.  Both of these brothals are at the edge of town and the end of the street. I mean that litterally right after Sheri’s parking lot it dead ends and it’s just desert.

So J pulled into the parking lot and E begins to tense up. The outside of the place looks like…any other large strip mall which has art work by Olivia plaster all over the outside of the building.

J slips into a parking space and shuts off the engine and E stiffens up and turns toward me with absolute panic in her face.  Though you can tell she trying really really hard to not show it.  J hops out and seeing the panic on E’s face I can’t help but pop my door open just to watch her eyes light up with panic.  I may have an evil streak…just a small one…really. I swear it’s small.

Anyway she said…”Are we going…In?” and I say “Why not.” I’m slightly curious about the inside.  J is all bubbly in that innocent way of hers and says, “They give free tours.”

At this point I’m trying really really hard not to laugh at E because she’s is screaming in her head now and smiling bravely at us.  J pulls open the door to the bar and the light streams into the darkened interior.

The whole place seems to inhale and then hold their breath as we walk in. There are four Johnnies sitting around the bar getting chatted up by women of various ages in thongs and bras.  The three at the end of the bar were probably in their late forties. The men are immediately uncomfortable, and yet somewhat specluative at the same time.

The bar manager comes over to find out why we are there and why we felt the need to make her customers uncomfortable. J explains that we are from out of town and want to take the tour. We order a drink…because lets be honest if you go to a whore house you better at least have a drink.

One of the girls comes out to give us a tour. E is gulping her drink and trying not to ask any inappropriate questions even though she has a ton of them. She’s pretty sure the tour guide would not have appreciated them.  I think my favorite question was…”you really have sex with people…really?”  She show us to the rooms you can party in which I have to say was very interesting.

They had the expesive dinner room where you pay for a steak and lobster dinner and the desert is a blow job with a Creme De Menthe shot before hand that adds to the whole desert experience.  I’m pretty sure the girl gets the shot. She said it adds a hot and cooling sensation. I’m now taking notes.

They have two Jacuzzi rooms which have different decore another room which has bubbles falling from the ceiling over the top of the bubble bath tub that is set up on a pedastal.  The whole time the girl is taking us around E is chugging her drink and  trying not to appear uncomfortable…and failing misebly.

Then they had the S&M room which is equiped with a stage and stripper pole. A large leather covered thorne with chains and cuffs attached to it. A St. Andrews cross and a leather covered sawhorse.  Along with various whips hanging on the wall.

We were told that if you wanted to rent out this room it was $500 an hour plus the two girls that were mandatory and it was required that each girl was tipped for every lap dance they performed.

At this point the tour was over and we went back to the bar dropped off our empty drinks and left. E began to breathe again and J & I teased her about the whole thing. There really is nothing better then tormenting your friends.

We’ve been telling E for a bit that we are taking her to the strip club where they have boy strippers  for her birthday.  I think after that we’ll have to take her to the Stripper 101 class. *smirks* I can’t wait to see her face.

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