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The lost boys went up to visit their grandparents for spring break and then, Craig’s parents came down to visit them after they returned. Some how those lucky lost boys got two weeks of spring break…I’m not sure how that happened. I finished half of the I do Shrug and have started on the second sleeve. It’s coming along very nicely.


I know it looks kind of bloby and such, but that’s because it’s lace and I haven’t blocked it yet.

I have also been working on my Sprite DarterSocks which I finished last night just as I got my Sprite Darter in Wow! I was sooo excited


I made them extra girlie this time because Craig was threatening to steal them…though he assures me that he is secure enough that he can still wear them…sigh.

The weather was beautiful when Mel and David were here, but now it’s turned gloomy and windy. It’s looking like spring break was only a tease. Mom tells me that it’s still snowing in Montana and Mel called this morning to tell Craig it had snowed 6in. and she was moving down to live with us until spring decided to really come this year.
The lost boys enjoyed their easter gifts a great deal, and Kayden managed to  break his yo-yo so while Craig was trying to fix it he decided to super glue both of his eyes. Luckily he caught it in time before they were glued shut and washed his eyes for about 10 minutes. Was any interesting few days around here.

For those of you just dying to know what a Sprite Darter looks like…here are two pictures of my character…


See even in game I hang out in the desert where it’s warm. 😉


And here I am dancing for the joy of a new Sprite Darter!