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Below is the story that Alex just finished writing, thought I would share it all with you.

Hello to all you Dragon lovers out there. My name is Alex and I  will tell you how to find a North American, African, and Asian dragons.

First if you live in North America and you live near the mountains that have a cave, ask yourself these three questions.

1. Would a dragon live in a cave?

Yes / No

2. Is the dragon hungry?

Yes / No

3. Will he/she be a baby?

Yes / No

If you are not sure about a question there are three things you can do.

A. Give up

B. Sneak in the cave and look.

C. Buy a robot to check

If none of these work that means there is no dragon. Wait! But there still could be dragon remains, below is a picture of a dragon rib I found.

As you can see it has a crack and if you are wondering what a dragon would like like.

  • blue wings
  • wings tattered
  • breathes fire
  • blue
  • red and yellow eyes

Now if you are in Africa and you have elephants and you want to catch a dragon have a heat seeking missle ready because these type of dragons eat elephants. There are three week spots.

1. The head

2. Wings

3. Long neck

If you hit the head it might cause temporary blindness or it will kill the dragon. If you hit the wings the dragon will lose balance and fall. If you hit the neck it might blow some scales off or it might blow the dragons head off.  Below are then dragon traits.

  1. Dragons are carnivors.
  2. Dragons are fast.
  3. Dragons breathe fire.
  4. Dragons have big meals.
  5. Most dragons have black horns.
  6. All dragons have tails.
  7. Most dragons live in caves.
  8. Baby dragons are called whlepings (well-p-lings).
  9. Some dragons have feathers.
  10. All dragons have claws.

Now you know how to find an African dragon and an American dragon.

The next dargon we are going to talk about is so evil and vile that one look will crush the living daylights out of you. Just kidding! There is no dragon that is that dangerous.

The real dragon that we are going to talk abotu is the nicest dragon alive, it is called the Asian dragon. The Asian dragon looks like it is part snake, part lion, and part lizard. It’s scales are red and at the end of the tail is hair. On its back there are some red spikes sticking out. Every dragons eye tell of its power. Below are some colors and powers.

  1. Green = Healing
  2. Purple = Singing
  3. Red = Sharper claws
  4. White = Fast Flying
  5. Black = Invisible

Now you know how to find three dragons. And there names are , the North American dragon, the African, and the Asian dragons. Now go and use your wisdom well.


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