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This last semister, Alex decided to slack, he slacked so much that his writing grade went from a B to a D…in one semister.  Mainly that’s because Alex is not all that fond of writing. He’d rather hurry through it and his work is…abismal at best. So we decided that he would be writing a story a week for the rest of the summer. This is the first installment of his summer homework. After some decussion Alex asked if he could write one large story for the whole summer. We agreed and so this is the first part of his story. It doesn’t have a title yet as he’s still working on that.  But here we go…

“Hello, what is your name?”


“Well hello Alex. Welcome to Desert Breeze. My name is Cloe.”

“Hey why don’t you put your lunch box on your group table, in the gym.”


When I got in the gym everybody was free playing. The first thing I played was wall ball with a leader then I shot some hoops after awhile we had to line up for snack.  For snack I had a cookie, gummies and a banana. After snack we went back to the gym.

But when we got there something with wings grabbed me and flew off with me. At that moment I realized two things, one I was hungry and two I needed to know what is carrying me. All of a sudden I was dropped into a pool of water. When my head got out I was in a whole new place.

When I realized that I started to hear some laughing. When I looked up I saw harpies laughing at me bacause I was soaking wet and that made me mad and suddenly I realized that I had armor and a sword and beside me was a ghoul.  “This much be WoW, ” I thought.

When I clearly realized that it was WoW I attacked the laughing harpies and after I gained a level and now I was completely convinced that it was WoW.

Right after I was clearly convinced I realized I was my level 58 Death Knight. Then all of a sudden a man in a black mask pounced out of the bushes and was being attacked by wolf clan men and it was technically four against one but I decided to even the odds.  After the fight we introduced each other, his name was Zorro.

Guess what he got here the same way I did, harpies took us from the real world to this world. He also told me how to get back to the real world. “You just have to go to the Harpies kingdom, but to get there you will have to go through Saku’s Forest, Orgrimmar, the Dark Portal, the Never Ending Cove, Dino Kindgom and the Orc cavern.”

“So where do we start?”

“The Never Ending Cove.”


“Don’t worry it ends…eventually.”


“Just kidding, sorry.”

“That was not me.”

“Then what was that?”

“Why don’t you ask it?”

At that moment Zorro turned around and guess what he saw a werewolf.  Right after I blinked the werewolf’s head was gone.

We pause here tune back in about two weeks for the next story.  The kids are going up to their grand parents for the week, so there will be a longer pause the usual after this story.

Today we made S’mores in a campfire out back. We had a lot of fun, though I had to teach the boys S’mores etiquette. Craig doesn’t remember ever having them before and the Lost boys had never had them either. We all sat outside and watched the fire burn out and the kids and I made up a story about a knight and a dragon from what we could imagine the flames of the fire looked like. The S’mores were as yummy as I remembered.  And the kids lasted until 10pm on one S’more and one roasted marshmallow. I don’t know how my mom let us eat so many of those on camping trips. Then again we spent most of the day hiking and were so worn out that the S’mores didn’t really have much effect. I couldn’t convince any of the boys to eat the Marshmallows that way I liked it…charbroiled to ash, I am telling you ash with your sugar is good….sigh they didn’t believe me.

Earlier today Kayden and I dyed his first skein of sock yarn. We both had fun dying our yarn.  Kayden’s came out very well he listened to my instructions and there was only one little bit that got a bit muddied with the dye mixing together.   I dyed mine a pretty light blue and Kayden did his green, red and blue.  I will have pictures later when they are done drying.


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