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And the count down begins…

Posted on: July 30, 2009

Yesterday we told the boys about the baby, Alex was enthusiastic right off the bat, and of course Kayden took a few minutes to absorb the thought and then slowly began to warm to the idea, once we assured him that the baby was not replacing anyone in our family but simply adding one more special person to our family.

We decided to take the boys our for ice cream to celebrate the addition to our family, except since Alex is having issues with a cough he decided he would rather have a candy bar so as not to have the dairy make the mucus worse.

Alex was so excited about the baby that he asked if he could tell the strangers in the DQ that we were having a baby. I explained that he could only tell people we know, because even though we are having a baby its not okay to talk to strangers…even if they have a baby themselves.

We showed them the I’m Pregnant book that has pictures of what the baby looks at the various stages and the 11wk ultra sound pictures of the baby. We explained that next Wed we were going to the doctor to find out what sex the baby is and talked about what they would like best.

They agree that a baby sister would be best, and we explained that they wouldn’t be loosing their room. Then Alex decided that he wanted to make an origami mobile for the baby, Kayden was very excited about knitting a fish toy for the baby to go with the fish blankets I am making for the boys.

Alex has taken up the habit of yelling at my tummy since we told them that the baby can hear what’s going on. He keeps asking if she is awake or sleeping, and is disappointed when I say sleeping. This is because last night when she was moving around Kayden got to feel her kick his hand, but when I let Alex try to feel she got all quiet, so he is still waiting for her to move around so he can feel it.

Both boys are very excited about the baby and I’m not sure if I am going to be able to handle all that enthusiasm(and touching) for the next 6 months. Alex has started “shopping” for the baby from the magazines we have going through and debating the merits of various cribs and bouncy chairs depending on their ability to hold his mobile.

Today as Alex was leaving for his Doc appointment (his cough has lasted for 2 wks now, it was almost gone when he went his mothers but is twice as bad when we got him back) he said to me, “Keep the baby safe Kyrie.” I said, “I will I just like I keep you safe.” and he smiled and said “yep just like that.”

Kayden is very excited that the baby will come around his birthday, and wants me to open the doors for the count down calendar that his grandmother sends every year for Christmas, since the baby won’t be able to yet.

Over all I’d say they are very excited and taking it very very well. I just hope they feel the same when they get back from the wicked witch, as she has taken the news with the least amount of poise and grace that she could possibly manage. Angry at Craig that I’ll be taking her child support and assuring him that I’ll be leaving him for sure now.

Which makes no sense to me at all, I mean if I was even considering that option I never would have let even a possibility of getting pregnant happen, I did after all manage to avoid it for the last 32 years. Then again none of her delusions make any sense to me.


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