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Baby results are back…

Posted on: August 5, 2009

We went to the doc today and had our 20wk Ultrasound, and we are having a girl! We took the boys with us and they were enthralled with watching the baby magically appear on the screen. It was a rather long appointment about 30 min of them taking measurements and looking at stuff.  They say she is healthy and within normal weight range, so we are very happy.

They did mention  that she was on the low end of the weight range of normal, and Craig got all concerned and started asking what he needed to feed me. I am pretty sure I looked at him like he had lost him mind.  There are 2 reasons for this…

1) He breeds small babies, both his kids were 7lbs or so.

2) They said “Within NORMAL weight range” how big does he want this baby to be when I give birth.

I have since assured him we are letting the baby grow at her pace not trying to fatten her up in the womb.


1 Response to "Baby results are back…"

Ha feed you and you will be one fat mama. and it may not grow baby any. A 7lb baby is a good sized one wait till is time to pop that gal out. And a lot can happen between now and than she could really grow.

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