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I’ve been so busy growing the baby that I haven’t felt the need to update my blog lately. But it seemed like a good idea this morning so here we go.
The Lost Boys are doing wonderfully they are very excited about having a little sister and hover so much that I have to admit it makes me a little crazy. Seems like every time I turn around I have to be careful not to trip over one of them.  They are good boys though, they have managed to stay out of too much trouble these last few months.  This Wednesday is Kayden’s guitar show, he’s been doing really well with it.  In fact he was so good that when he started the after school guitar club his teacher bumped him into the advanced class, which he is pretty proud of. He’s been very excited about the Christmas show and keeps asking if Bella is going to wait to come until afterward. Which of course I hope she does as I know how much it means to him for his family to go to the show.  Who knows maybe 45 min of sitting on uncomfortable chairs will kick-start some labor. lol

They are both doing well in school, and Alex has been selected to apply to an advanced school next year if he makes it through the application process. Craig and I  are going to go learn more about it in January.  We haven’t told Alex about it yet because we want to make sure it’s something that is doable before we bring it up to him. We’re not sure if it’s a school that will cost money to send him to, we are hoping that if it is the price is not so outrageous that we can’t send him.  He really needs to go to a school that will challenge him and this one has an emphasis on Math, Science, and Engineering which are right up Alex’s alley. His grades this year have been really good he had all B’s his last report card so hopefully he will keep that up and be able to get in.  Of course with Alex going into middle school next year, I know can you believe it middle school already, that will be a big change for Kayden who will have to get used to not having his older brother around at school anymore.

Bella is doing well, she is head down just like she should be and baking just fine. My midwife says she probably won’t come early, which is fine she can bake as long as she needs, but I am to the point that I wouldn’t mind if she came early.

Mom and Dad will be down around the 19th or so to hang out and wait for the baby as well as be here for Christmas.  They are putting Grand into a nursing home before they come down as he has gotten to the point that he cannot be left alone and of course the rest of his good for nothing 7 boys (I’m not counting Eric or my dad) won’t lower themselves to help their father.  Even the Son that lives in his house and eats all his food, and no I am not talking about my dad.

Mom says that Grand has really taken a turn for the worse in the last few months and that its impossible for him to do most anything for himself now.  I find this topic really upsetting because while Grand’s boys are all making excuses about how they can’t help out even to watch him for a day, so my parents can spend some time together, they are all behaving like greedy bastards with their hands out demanding various items from Grand’s estate.  Which because his house has been reversed mortgaged and he will be going into a home with nothing to pay the bills with there is no estate.

It all goes to pay for his remaining days in the home, which it should, other than my father his children have sat by and watched eagerly as Grand has gone downhill waiting like evil nasty vultures.  One of the brothers even had enough nerve to tell Grand to his face that he should just kill himself and end it all. My mother is way to nice to these people, and I keep telling her that but she’d rather avoid a confrontation about such things.  Which I guess I understand on one level but it makes me so angry if I was there I’d tell them how useless they have been as children, let alone human beings. Thieves and drug addicts, who care about no one but themselves. Of course none of them read this so I can be as blunt as I like, which honestly I would be just a blunt if they were in front of me right now.

More than one of them has tried to use the excuse that it just hurts too much to see their Father like that…I call Bullshit! That is so pathetic I can’t even begin to describe it, you are just trying to avoid your responsibility to your father because it’s inconvenient for you to take part in his care and his life.   I hope you raise children that will happily sit back and leave you to die alone either in the street or a home just like you were willing to do to your father. And as for the other one that doesn’t have children that said that I think you should be aware that you will be dying alone with no one to care for you or lift a finger just as you’ve done for your father.

Okay obviously I needed to rant a little bit about that…now moving on to happier topics.

I’ve been knitting for Christmas this year, unfortunately there will be no pictures because I just don’t want to spoil any surprises.  Though I did make the cutest coat for Bella that I don’t think I published so I’ll give you all a peek of that. I have the coat being modeled by the doll my Gran gave me, so no that is not a live baby its okay that she looks a bit spooky to some.

I think it turned out very very cute and I can’t wait to take pictures of Bella in it.  Oh I can also show you all  Trina’s Birthday gift as her day has come and gone by a few months now. When she was very little around 2 or so she used to have this pink stuffed elephant that she adored.  She loved it so much that when someone stole it from daycare she was heartbroken. She has mentioned that elephant from time to time her entire life so I decided to make her another one. This one can’t replace that one of course but I had fun making it and knew she would love it.

So there are a few of the projects I have been working on over the last few months. Most of my stuff has been for Christmas. I still have a bit left to do for Craig’s present but I am waiting on the yarn to come as I underestimated my need in that area. It should be here any day now.


Yesterday was my last day at work before I go off to celebrate Alex’s birthday with Craig’s family. I knew it was going to be a good tip day, I just had a feeling. Midmorning I get a 2 1/2 hour massage, and I start thinking what am I going to do for 2 and a half hours. I mean really there is only so much you can usually do on someone before you’re just… well bored and repeating yourself.  I called the coordinator’s to make sure that it was only one person and they say they’re not sure take two sets of sheets just to be sure.  I’m a bit happier because I think that it will be broken up and easier to manage.

But about an hour before the massage I get this weird feeling that I need to draft a text and have it ready to send just in case something goes wrong. I’ve never felt the need to do this before ever, but over the years I’ve learned that if I don’t follow my instincts bad things happen.  So I wrote the text and had it ready to send to about 15 people just in case. I’d rather be prepared than not.

I get to the room and he’s in his robe the lights are turned down low and its only him, there is no one else there. The minute I walked into the darkened room my dragon started screaming. I asked him when he’s last had a massage and he says about four months ago. I make a bit more small talk as I finish setting up the table and getting ready.

He asks if he can charge the massage to the room, and I tell him of course thats not a problem. He goes into the bathroom and comes out with some money and tells me this is my tip. I smile take the money without counting it, (that’s rude) and put it in my pocket. Now my dragon is shrieking and waving her hands in the air. It’s never a good sign when they tip you before hand they always think they’ve bought a happy ending when they tip up front. Now I’m a bit more nervous, but in that calm deadly way you get before you know you have to deal with something you don’t want to, and would rather avoid.

I wash my hands let him get settled on the table and come back relieved to find he’s actually gotten in between the sheets as I requested. You’d be surprised how many people like to pretend they don’t understand get between the sheets.

The first 2 hours of the massage are uneventful and go by quickly enough. I have him turn over and start working on his right leg after I finish I redrape and go walk around the table. As I move around the table I realize that he’s started jerking off. I wait a few seconds to make sure he’s not just adjusting, but as the bulge gets larger I start getting angry.

I told him, you need to stop or I am leaving. He half sits up and says…what? I repeat myself in that angry I am going to kill you in the next ten seconds if you don’t do what I want voice that I love so much. It’s very effective. He jerks his hand back and settles angrily on the table.  I finish up the massage, making sure to go a bit more deeply then I needed to.  I tell him I’m done and going to wash my hands, while he gets dressed I lock the bathroom door and wash my hands.

When I get back into the room, he’s in the bed jerking off again. I give him a very angry look as he signs the ticket and leave.  Once I get out into the hall way I check to see how much he tipped me. $700.00, plus the commission on the massage …I don’t care how much money you tip me you are not jerking off on my table.

I think I need a button that says “Touch your dick at your own risk. May result in death or amputation.”  Just to clear up any misconceptions before I start the massage. Yep I think so.

So I finished the first Loksins sock, and am half way finished with the second one. I love this pattern! I think this will be my favorite pair of socks. Once you stop trying to understand the pattern and just do what they say it flys by. That seems to be one of my down falls in the knitting. Instead of just trusting that the designer knew what they were doing I try to analyze what it is they want me to do. Which of course means that I can come up with about 10 different ways to do what they are asking…and all of them are wrong. *sigh* So I am working on just doing what is says and not analyzing what they may want. So far that theory has gotten me farther down the correct path then any other.

I am being incredibly lazy with Craig today and writing this in bed while he reads next to me, so I don’t have any photos to up load of the socks at this second. I’ll do that later in the morning.

loksins1.jpg   loksinscloseup.jpg

The Wicked Witch took the kids to the beach for their spring break with her, and from what I’ve heard the lost boys are having a good time. I’m glad that they will have some good memories with their mother, as this last year has been very trying for them with her temper tantrums and other outbursts which she is quiet fine with letting them see.

I really do think there should be a mandatory parenting class that one must actually pass with high scores. I suppose though in reality to many people would be worried about their “god given rights” to have children then the fact that they may be unprepared to do a descent job, let alone a good one. It tends to be that way, the people that can’t do a good job are the ones that scream the loudest in denial at anything that will keep the children safer. I really do think though that when someone has completely proven their inability to be a parent…(I’m talking about ratboy here) then they shouldn’t be allowed to have the ability to procreate anymore. I mean really isn’t 7 kids (I’m not sure of the number but I think there are at the very least 4 or 5) enough when you don’t pay child support for any of them? What should the limit be? I really do think there should be a limit.

And I realize that the statement could have meant that one of the brightest boys ever would not have been born, which would have been a tragedy. Its one of those double standard statements I guess. I know the kiddo has a wonderful life with his amazingly wonderful mother. As well I know she would never give him up or regret him for a second. Unfortunately not all single mothers are as amazing as my wife, I guess what it ultimately comes down to is that I hate seeing children suffer for the incompetence of their parents and it seems there is no simple answer to the problem. Even though I wish there were. While I say it should be a privilege to have kids not a right, the reality of the situation is that such a thing would rob the world of a lot of wonderful bright people.

Ones circumstances along with what one lives through is what makes a person who they are. I honestly don’t think that just making sure people are going to be good parents would stop any of the horrible things that could happen to a child. It obviously won’t stop the child molesters. But then my stance on that is kill them all very horribly and as painfully as possible. With no discussion or mercy. They deserve none, and I honestly don’t care what their rights are. That is a bunch of bullshit they hide behind to be able to continue on with their cruelty as well as their life shattering desires.

Anyway I’m not sure how to I got from socks to this…or why I felt the need to rant about it this morning…but I promise happy pictures of socks and cheerful birds in just a bit.

What’s over there?   Chickadee   Watching with a friend.

We also put up a bird feeder as the Lost Boys and I thought it would be fun to watch the birds. Which it is, I saw one canary but alas it was of course the one time that I didn’t have the camera. I now have tons of pictures of little birds, I think they are chickadees but I could be mistaken. They could be sparrows for all I know.

Don’t make me come over there.   Flock   Comfy

The pigeons come and scavenge off the ground around the bird feeder which is okay. We have it set up so they can’t get to the feeder itself. After all pigeons are a lot like Nascar fans…Large, unwashed and always looking for a free buffet. The first day that the feeder was out there the birds just looked at it. The second day they did fly bys and on the 3rd day they actually stopped for a few quick bites, but any movement from the house sent them off. Now they are pigging out with pleasure and completely ignoring any movement from the house (as long as you don’t go to near the glass doors) as well as the flash of the camera.

   Foooood!!!   Demonic Pigeon    Give me food!

Well that’s all for now…I’ll upload those photos soon. And add a few of the Lost Boys, because I know you want more pictures.

Alex & his Planes   Kayden’s Kung Fu outfit.

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