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Well not much a little knitting and a bunch of work. I worked on Thanksgiving and was surprisingly busy since they kept saying that it was one of the slowest days of the year. I did 4 massages, and made very good money. Which after talking to some of my other co workers seems I was pretty much the only one.

Also I’ve been working on some knitting. I finished Kiyana’s hatKiyana's Hat

and her mittens. Kiyan'as Gloves

I am half finished with my fingerless mitts. Since we knit outside on knit night I need a something to keep my hands warm, but not mess with my dexterity while knitting.

Fingerless Mitts

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to in the last few days. Hope you all had a great Thankgiving!


Last night I went to the knitting group here on my side of town, and I had a blast.  Everyone was so nice and they made all of us new people feel very welcome.  I took my Sugarplum Shrug to work on, which was probably a mistake. I think I need to tink back one half row, because I got lost a few times in the pattern and I’m not sure I got it correct.

It was kind of chilly outside though as it’s getting to be winter here in the desert. So when I got home I cast on some fingerless mittens, and I plan to have them done before next Wednesday. They’re pretty cute and when I get home tonight I’ll add a picture of them since I don’t have time right now.

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