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Today was one of those lazy summer days where you just hang out go to the local pool and then come home and play pool. We have a really great water park about a block from our house. Today was the first time we went but I’m sure we will be a fixture there this summer. Here are some pictures from the water park.

Little Kids Area

This is the little kids area, where anyone not big enough for the water slides goes. There are a ton of different places where the kids can try to spray the adults on the side lines. Boy you should have seen some of their faces when they got the life guards wet.

You can’t really see them behind the equipment, but the lost boys are up there trying to spray me with water while I take this picture.

Big Kids Area

This is the big kids area where you can ride the two slides. The kids were disappointed for a few moments when they realized they wouldn’t be riding them this summer. Kayden is still 3 inches to short to ride so Craig decided it was best to tell them they were both just a tad to short to ride. Though Kayden assures me that he will be growing 3 inches by the next time they come. Hopeful thinking on his part I think.

Spray the Adults

You see that red handle that kid in the red shorts is turning…well every time they turn it, it turns the water on from above and sprays all the adults just standing at the edge of the pool. Sometimes you see kids sitting down there with an evil smile just waiting for some unsuspecting person to wander by.

Happy Playful Brothers

Alex and Kaden spent a bit of time in between their playing posing for the camera.


Smile Kayden!

Then they decided to play a bit of tag with their dad.

Playing Tag

Your It!

Then they called a pool break, which I’ve never heard of before where everyone gets out of the pool and stands around for 10 minutes while they wander about in the pool pretending to be looking for something on the bottom. Really I think they just want 10 minutes while they wander in the water and laugh and the idiots dying in the heat but unable to get in the pool.

Pool Break

So we decided to take some family pictures. First Alex took the pictures and then Kayden. After that Craig asked someone to take a picture of all of us.

Kayden, Me & Craig

What bunny ears!

All of us together

Then Alex took a picture of just Craig and I and I took some pictures of the boys

Craig & I

Tormenting His Brother

Torment Torment

I love Kayden’s expression in the picture. Next we went home and played a bit of pool. Most of these next shots Kayden took. He did a really good job.


Look It\'s a Mask!

So mysterious

Making Faces

Kayden tried making faces when he realized Alex was about to win the game, but alas Alex was victorious…well right until the cue ball went in after the “magic 8 ball” as the lost boys call it.


He’s so stoic in his victory. Then Kayden tried taking a few pics of Craig and I…but Craig says I can’t show his picture.Noooo Not the 8!! So I’ll give you this picture Kayden took of Alex begging the 8 ball not to go in.


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